Presentation Skills Pack

We have bundled all the files into one zip file. Click on the zip file to download them. You can also access them via the email sent to you upon purchase.

Presentation Builder
All the phrases you’ll need for an excellently structured presentation, already written out for you!

  1. Simply highlight the phrases you wish to use, leaving yourself with those you feel are
    most appropriate for the topic and structure of your presentation.
  2. Use these for the structure of your speech – all you have to do is finish the sentences!

Presentation Phrases Audio
Learn on the go – in the car, on the bus, during a walk, even in your sleep!

  1. Decide on which phrases you wish to use in your upcoming presentation.
  2. Create a playlist of your chosen phrases.
  3. Take them anywhere you like and learn on the go!

Presentation Flashcards
Read and listen to the phrases at the same time to help you learn them!

  1. Use the pronunciation and intonation in the audio file as a guide.
  2. Once you feel confident enough, give it a go without the audio file. This will help you to truly master each phrase and prepare you for that all-important presentation!