Impress in English

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And this is certainly the case when delivering a presentation. Presenting in a foreign language can be daunting and we recognise that it takes time and preparation, as well as requiring confidence.

With our Impress in English resources, we would like to help non-native speakers of English develop both writing and presentation skills.

Download the Free Presentation Builder PDF, which lists over 300 key phrases in written format to read for free. For an editable version, please purchase the Presentation Builder Word file below.

Purchasing the following 3 downloads provides you with 3 options for memorising, practising and making use of the presentation phrases we have put together for you:

  • Presentation Builder: an editable Word file containing over 300 phrases for the main structure of your speech – save yourself time!
  • Presentation Phrases: audio files containing over 300 key phrases for easy on-the-go learning!
  • Presentation Flashcards: a PowerPoint file full of phrases with accompanying recordings allowing you to read and listen to the phrases at the same time – maximum learning potential!

With the launch of our first book, Presentation Skills for Non-Native Speakers (available at Amazon), we have put together what we consider to be the most important information you need to know when planning and delivering a presentation, including how to best prepare your presentation, what cultural aspects you need to be aware of and tips on how to make the right language choices. We provide you with an overview of how to structure your presentation and use body language to your advantage, as well as how to cope when things don’t go to plan. We recognise that your time is limited and our fast-track guide tells you what you need to know – quickly.